"FROM ALBANIA TO SICILY" by Adam Yamey

    People of Albanian descent have been living in Sicily since the 15th century. Many of them have preserved their language and also many traditions that pre-date the arrival of the Ottoman Turks in the Balkans. 

    This volume is about the descendants of the Albanians who left their Balkan homelands when they were invaded by the Ottoman Turks in the 15th century. Known as the ‘Arbëreshë’ in Sicily and the other parts of Italy where they settled, many of the descendants of these refugees have managed to continue their Albanian traditions, culture, and language whilst integrating harmoniously with their Italian neighbours.

    It has been said that the Arbëreshë living in the Italian lands (including Sicily) helped keep alive Albanian literature during the more than 5 centuries that Albania was under the yoke of the Ottomans.

    In this book, Adam Yamey describes his visit to the Sicilian Arbëreshë people and illustrates it with a profusion of his fascinating photographs. 

    Combining first-hand observation with in-depth research, this - at times entertaining, and always informative - travelogue is one of the very few books, if not the only one, in English about Sicily’s Albanians.

    *** This book is currently available at: http://www.lulu.com/shop/adam-yamey/from-albania-to-sicily/paperback/product-21794000.html AND also on Kindle within the next 12 hours! ***

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