1. This statue in a remote village in Greece  has an interesting history http://www.yameyamey.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/prespa-where-three-countries-meet.html

  2. Easter in Portobello

  3. Deconstructionism a Tate Britain 1359 bst

  4. Nothing Hill a 2301 bst

  5. Lapin a l’oeil de Londres 1530 bst

  6. Passing Andrijevica in Crna Gora in 1975

  7. In #memoriam Michael #Jacobs 1952-2014

  8. Priase for Adam Yamey’s book about Yugoslavia: “SCRABBLE WITH SLIVOVITZ” Get your copy on AMAZON, or BARNES&NOBLE, OR BOOKDEPOSITORY, OR WWW.LULU.COM

  9. READ: http://www.yameyamey.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/albanians-in-venice.html to find about the Albanians in Venice - SHQIPTARËT në Venecia

  10. Debar (Macedonia) 1973